Iran–Iraq War: USS Stark incident ... 17/05/1987 History
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French King Louis XIV Sends Delegation to Shah Abbas II Court in Isfa... 15/05/1665 History
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Dust Storm Kills 5 in Tehran ... 02/06/2014 History
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Kavad II Ascends The Sasanian Throne ... 25/02/628 History
Shērōē (also spelled Shīrūya, New Persian: شیرویه), better known by his dynastic name of Kavad II (Middle Persian: ...View Details»

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Shirzad Defeated at the Battle of Anbar... 25/12/633 History
Battle of Anbar (Arabic: معركة الأنبار‎) was between the Muslim Arab army under the command of Khalid ibn al-Walid and the Sasanian Empire. The battle...View Details»

Radio City Cinema Opens in Tehran ... 18/09/1958 History
Radio City was a luxurious and modern cinema that opened on 18 September 1958 in Tehran. Radio City was designed by Heydar Ghiai, a pioneer of modern ...View Details»

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Battle of Muzayyah ... 15/11/633 History
Battle of Muzayyah (Arabic: معركة المصيخ‎) was between the Muslim Arab army and the Sasanian Empire. When Khalid ibn Walid left from Ayn al-Tamr to Du...View Details»